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Sarah Blackwell

Artist. Illustrator. Digital Designer. People Enthusiast.

Hey there! I'm Sarah! I am a self-taught commission-based artist currently working out of Fort Collins, Colorado. I primarily work in pen and ink or digitally to create custom designs, prints, and logos for businesses and individuals. I also specialize in charcoal portraits, still life drawings, line work, and most recently fiber art! In my free time, I am most often hitting the trails, but if it's not that I'm in my studio, experimenting with different mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, multimedia paintings, and embroidery, constantly searching for new avenues to bring my ideas to life and present them in a unique and impactful way. In my professional career, my greatest aspiration is to continuously learn and improve upon my skill while creating artwork for people that they truly love. I love working as a commission artist because I find it extremely rewarding to work in an industry that allows me to engage directly with my community and work with the people who truly love my art to help bring their imaginations to life and create a custom piece of happiness for all of my clients. You can check out my work here: 

I sell custom pieces and prints and I'm currently open for commission, please message me for more information or follow me on Instagram @LightLineCreative . 

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